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Lawn Care Experts in Overseeding

Instead of messing with your current soil, opt for an effective method that can fill in patchy spots and improve the density of your grass. Inquire about our overseeding services in Yarmouth Port. Scott’s Landscaping understands the best approach to establishing a more rich and vibrant colored turf. Our overseeding approach complements zoysia grass, Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass and Bahia grass well. With our overseeding application, your lawn will brave insects, drought, shady conditions and foot traffic better than before. Count on us to spruce up your thin and unhealthy-looking turf.

Should I Overseed My Lawn?

Wondering if your turf qualifies for overseeding? Consult with Scott’s Landscaping as we will assess your soil and lawn more closely. If any of the following situations apply to you, then consider overseeding in Yarmouth Port:

  • Lawn suffers from drought conditions
  • Naked patches of grass
  • Disease-damaged grass
  • Insect-infested turf
  • Lack of color
  • Thin grass

Before we overseed your lawn, we’ll first determine whether there are outstanding issues to address. This may include poor soil conditions, poor fertility, insufficient water to begin with, soil compaction and other factors. Our Massachusetts lawn care experts understand the ideal time to overseed your lawn depending on your region. If you have Bermuda grass, zoysia grass or Bahia grass, overseeding your property will give your turf some life. With a fibrous root system as a result of overseeding, soil and water stay where they should, reducing erosion and improving lawn appearance.


I was very impressed with Scotts work. He was very professional providing us with an estimate that was very detailed with the amount of mulch and loam and number and size of plants. I had 2 other landscape companies furnish a quote and they were not as thorough. Scott came when he said he would and he and his 2 man crew did a superior job, trimming trees, removing small stumps, prepping area spreading loam and mulch, planting a variety of shrubs and plants and installing a soaker hose and timer. We were so pleased with his work we have asked him to return in the fall and prune some of our shrubs. I would highly recommend him

Mr. Scott provided options that were very helpful. His crew had attention to Detail and follow through I was hoping for. The price for work done Was very fair in fact, extra work was done to complete the tasks. I will ask for the assistance again when I can afford some additional design work on our grounds. Excellent work; professional people and at a fair price!

Excellent, Scott is a pleasure to work with and he has a great team! I have recommended him to my neighbors and they have been very happy with him too!

Excellent! When I called Scott’s landscaping, they made me feel like I was the most important customer of their busy day. The owner came right out to my house in the evening after his long day to meet me and see what I needed. He is clearly a knowledgeable, honest, and can-do owner of his company! His people are cut of the same fiber – honest, very hard working, and great communicators with the customer. This company follows up and does what you ask with a very fair price. They all obviously enjoy and take great pride in their landscaping. I have used many of the landscaping companies of Cape Cod over the years and never has been so fortunate as to work with these guys! I will be using them to do my landscaping for many years to come! Devar Scott, the owner does an excellent job making sure you are happy as his customer and I can only say positive things about him and his men. He is very fair and very dependable and his men are great to work with too. I would most highly recommend his company for any landscaping job and I will certainly continue to use him for my landscaping needs.

Scott’s Landscaping did a great job. The crew was professional and courteous. It was a 2 day job and at the end of each day the property was picked up and left looking more tidy than it did before they started.

Scott’s Landscaping helped me out with a Fall cleanup. Scott’s provided a reasonable estimate, and a reasonable time of delivery 1-2 weeks. Everything happened on time as promised. I think Shelley, Devar and team are worth looking at, I plan to consider other projects as well.

We had our front and back yards overgrown with small trees and bushes. Scott’s crew did a wonderful job cleaning the brush and leaves. Thank you Scott!

Everything went well. Scott the owner was very Knowledgeable and professional. I will definitely be using his service again.

Scott and his assistant were responsive to our needs. He worked with my wife to clean the grounds as she requested, leaving leaves on the beds for winter protection. He and his assistant were unfailingly polite, always professional, and very good at what they did. They asked a fair price for their work for our nearly an acre of land, which we were happy to pay.

He does an excellent job and I can only say positive things about him. He always shows up and is very dependable. He is very personable and all the men are great. I would highly recommend him without any hesitation at all. I will continue to use him.

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